Friday Morning Fitness session

Event details:


Everyone loves getting up early for kayak fitness sessions! We will be focusing on endurance/sprints with the aim of improving general fitness. 

These sessions are not for teaching, so you must have come to a river session beforehand to attend. If you wish to know more or aren't sure if you can come, just drop us a message to discuss things.

Bring a spare change of clothes, shoes for the water, and a towel (we'll supply the rest). Where possible, come to the session in the clothes you intend on wearing on the water, to minimise time in the boathouse.



You MUST bring email evidence of a negative test to your session! It is now compulsory to take 2 university LFT Covid-19 tests a week if you are taking part in sport; we will be monitoring this. The test must have been taken within 48 hours of your session, ideally on the same day or within 24 hours. 

Masks must be worn in the boathouse, so please bring one along!!

If you sign up to this session and then cannot attend for any reason, you MUST unsign on this page! 


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