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Congratulations to our new exec!

By Lucy Morgan on Friday 26th March 2021

Congratulations to our new exec!
Captain - Laura Gibbs
Vice-Captain - Thomas Simpson
Treasurer - Matt Keogan
Trip sec - Martin Murphy
Kit and Safety - Joe Osborne
Welfare - Abigail Allen & Ealish Green
Media sec - Lara Halıcı
Social sec - Rebecca Clarke
Competition sec - ???

Your New 2020 Exec

By George Padolsey on Thursday 19th March 2020

Congratulations to the new 2020 Exec

Captain: Lucy Morgan Vice-Captain: Laura Gibbs Treasurer: Grace Muir & Matt Keogan Trip Sec: Martin Murphy Media Sec: Lara Halıcı Kit & Safety: Kirsty Noble & Eleanor Kettle Welfare: Iona Nixon & Abigail Allen Social Sec: Rebecca Clarke Competition Sec: George Padolsey & Thomas Simpson
Thanks again to all the amazing work from this years Exec: Anna Marshall, Anthony Gray, Grace Muir, Lucy Morgan, Martin Murphy, Nicole Hudson, Oscar Sill, Robbie Simpson, Sioned Russell, Thomas Alcock and an honorary mention for Molly Agar.

It's been a real pleasure working with all of you and hope we can push forward the amazing work this year into the new exec and provide guidance during this unusual transition period.
It's uncertain times for everyone at the moment and it may seem silly to focus on a small canoe club. However, this is exactly the moment that it is essential we pull together and provide support to each other. We have all helped build this community and even if it may not be together in person for a long time -- we will be together in friendship instead.

I hope it's not too long till we see each other on the water again. Keep paddling everyone.


By George Padolsey on Monday 17th February 2020

Thanks everyone for their amazing help during BUCS slalom. It went amazingly and it was so great to see so many of your participating in it.

Next order of duty (apart from the signups posted by Martin!) is our annual general meeting on the w/c 17th March (final date tbc). This is your notice to start thinking and sending in your manifestos! Provisional Manifesto deadline: 11th March
During the AGM we reflect on the year, congratulate the old exec and welcome in the new. To apply for exec please email [email protected] with your manifesto (1 side with photo, please keep < 250 words), you will need a proposer and seconder (both have to be people not currently doing that role!) Additionally you will need to do a short speech during the AGM (detailing why you should get the role). Voting happens via AV vote in the AGM.
Roles available:
  • Captain
  • Vice-Captain
  • Kit & Safety Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Welfare Sec
  • Trip Sec
  • Media Sec
  • Social Sec
  • Competition Sec
I'll post a pdf in the next few days detailing each of the roles. I'd highly recommend if you are thinking of running for one of them to reach out to the person currently doing the job!

By Durham Uni Canoeing on Wednesday 1st January 2020

Best wishes to all club members for the new decade. Have a very happy new year!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store… https://t.co/36sru9zL2K

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Tyne Tour

By Molly Slaygnar on Tuesday 5th November 2019

Last weekend a group went over to Hexham to take part in the annual Tyne Tour. Despite issues with transport and not many people wanting to paddle on Sunday, we had a lot of fun. Friday night started with the traditional visit to Spoons and the best club in Hexham (this isn't a major achievement, believe me...). Saturday was the descent of the Tyne. Levels this year were pretty high, so everyone did amazingly to get down with very few swims! Then followed a good meal, a roaring bonfire, some pretty cool fireworks and a chaotic ceilidh. I think we managed to wear everyone out as only 3 people wanted to paddle the next day. While everyone else trickled back to Durham by any means possible, we headed over to the Upper Tees and threw ourselves off a waterfall!

So thank you everyone who made it possible to have such a good weekend.


Freshers polo tournament

By Tom Alcock on Thursday 24th October 2019

On Saturday, we played in an informal polo tournament at Stockton campus against Manchester, Leeds and York universities. There were completely mixed teams of our new members and more experienced ones to keep them all pointed in the right direction.

Some only equipped with the tactics they learnt in the pool just days before, spectacular playing was witnessed and the freshers’ skills and confidence increased massively throughout the day. The rain and slightly dismal weather towards the end, if anything, spurred us all on! As off the water, cake was waiting, as well as George’s uniquely rich hot chocolate.

Thank you to everyone from Durham and further afield for coming and making this an enjoyable day to end our taster season!

By Durham Uni Canoeing on Thursday 3rd October 2019

🎉Final EXEC intro 🎉 Greetings to our newest DUCClings, we hope you’ve all had an amazing freshers week! It’s now ti… https://t.co/XK8OiOv0AQ

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Saturday 28th September 2019

We’ve nearly met all the exec now, here’s the second of our two treasurers, Anthony Gray Call me: Anthony I’m from:… https://t.co/wrphlKTF5B

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Friday 27th September 2019

Its only hours since you met one half, and now here’s the other… (welfare officer if you weren’t sure). Let’s make… https://t.co/NE4TxL4ff2

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Friday 27th September 2019

Just over a day until freshers week, and this afternoon we have half a welfare officer for you! 🍞 Anna Marshall, c… https://t.co/zFaSQg0PMK

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Wednesday 25th September 2019

Next up is one of our two treasurers, Grace Muir Call me: G. Just kidding. It’s just Grace. I study Geography I’m f… https://t.co/GtntLMhcDa

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Tuesday 24th September 2019

Today in the exec line-up is our Kit and Safety officer, Robbie Mcleod (I’m the one in the blue boat) Call me: Robb… https://t.co/ZNY3n666x1

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Tuesday 24th September 2019

It’s now only days away from a new year at @durham_uni. Make sure to check out our stand at Freshers’ Fair, we can’… https://t.co/M0yxVeTkKr

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Saturday 14th September 2019

Check out our new Instagram post @durhamuniversitycanoe Next up in our exec rundown is our Social Sec: Chiquito Osc… https://t.co/wEvUZBAC4Z

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Sunday 8th September 2019

Check out our new Instagram post @durhamuniversitycanoe Next up in our exec lineup is our Media Sec. The one and on… https://t.co/kyx0a73bUD

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Thursday 5th September 2019

Check out our new Instagram post @durhamuniversitycanoe Next up is our polo obsessed Competition Sec - who last wee… https://t.co/wml4kd4jLv

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Thursday 15th August 2019

Check out our new Instagram post @durhamuniversitycanoe Congratulations to everyone that got their A-Level results… https://t.co/Z14LhYau2g

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Saturday 15th June 2019

Check out our new Instagram post @durhamuniversitycanoe We’ve been blessed with amazing weather for the Friends’ re… https://t.co/JdZftLxZi3

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Wednesday 5th June 2019

Check out our new Instagram post @durhamuniversitycanoe When it’s your birthday and your friends know you love cano… https://t.co/TlXKgGPcPS

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By British Canoeing on Tuesday 28th May 2019

The competition is heating up in the counties for Go Paddling Week! Currently the top 3 paddling counties are:… https://t.co/2hJPIli4Ud

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Tuesday 28th May 2019

Are you a Durham Uni student? If you've ever wanted to try out kayaking, then check out our Facebook page for more… https://t.co/OeUP92Dvjl

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Thursday 9th May 2019

BUCS Canoe Polo - April 2019 In the last week of the Easter break, 17 club members took valuable time out of their… https://t.co/S4FuUoOpfL

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Monday 25th February 2019

The results are in! Shout out to Molly for getting almost all the medals. She came 1st in womens C1, 2nd in womens… https://t.co/oldjxhI4Nx

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Saturday 16th February 2019

There was some very high standard playing at the two matches today with some incredible final scores aswell. Some… https://t.co/psrvLT1xgM

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By Durham Uni Canoeing on Tuesday 12th February 2019

Check out Molly's awesome video of the Refresher's trip to see what we got up to over the weekend.… https://t.co/0nfoZjfk3u

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