BUCs Training

Event details:

Book an LFT test at MC for the Sunday morning - 9:30 slot

Meet at 9.30 am to load cars, leaving at 10am.

Ideally we can be on water at Stockton campus by 11am.

If everyone is agreeable I think it would be good to have a hour and a half session (11-12.30), to grab some lunch (12.30-2.30) and have a second session (2.30-4pm). The intention would then be to return to Durham for 5pm.

If people aren’t up for that, or weather is terrible on day, we could have 2/3 hour session and return home quicker. But if we are going over tactics I think it may be preferable to have a break. Sound ok?

If you have cars etc please bring them to boathouse for 9.30 and we’ll spread people and boats out to stay COVID safe

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